The mission of the Kalkaska County Library is to provide free and open access to information, ideas, and technology for the education and enrichment of our community.

Our mission is supported by the following vision statements, regarding service, organization, and the Library facility:

  • The Library will help you reach your potential at all stages of your life by providing relevant print and digital collections, programs, and services that support your learning and growth.
  • We will build community and social engagement by offering a safe and welcoming environment for you to explore new ideas, understand the challenges of the future, and help you build a better one.
  • We will strive to be an essential part of our community. We will make Kalkaska a better place to live.

The Library strives to fulfill its mission and vision by directing efforts and resources in the following ways:

  • Library Staff will set the standard for patron service. We will strive to fulfill the Library’s social, economic, and educational roles in our community. Our patrons will trust us to meet their literacy and recreational needs.
  • Board of Trustees will enthusiastically advocate for Library services in the community. The Board will be fully devoted to the mission, vision, and values of the Library. The Library collections will be progressive and diverse in breadth and form.

View the 2024 Kalkaska County Library Master Plan here.


Policy 1.1 Mission Statement
Policy 1.2 Trustee Bylaws
Policy 2.1 Bid & Purchasing Policy
Policy 2.2 Investments
Appendix 1: Kalkaska County Investment Policy
Policy 2.2.1 Asset Disposal
Policy 2.3 Gifts
Policy 2.4 Fundraising
Policy 2.5 Accounting & Auditing
Policy 3.1 Material Selection, Retention & Disposal
Policy 3.2 Donations
Policy 3.3.2 Material Challenge & Reconsideration
Policy 4.1 Hours of Operations & Library Closings
Policy 4.1.7 COVID-19 Plan of Service & Hours
Policy 4.2 Borrowing Privileges
Policy 4.3.3 Borrowing Parameters
Policy 4.4 Inter-Library Loans
Policy 4.5 Computer & Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Policy 4.6 eBook Lending
Policy 4.7 Lending of Equipment
Policy 4.8 Meeting Space
Policy 5.1 Patron Relations
Policy 5.1.1 Smoke & Tobacco-Free Campus
Policy 5.2 Confidentiality
Policy 5.3 Safety & Service to Minors
Policy 5.4 Media – Photography
Policy 5.5 Animals in the Library
Policy 5.6 Volunteers
Policy 5.7 Public Relations
Policy 5.8 Appeal of Policy Decisions Process
Policy 6.1 Intellectual Freedom Statement
Policy 6.2 Freedom of Information Act
Policy 6.3 Open Meetings Act
Policy 6.4 Freedom to Read
Policy 6.5 Freedom to View
Policy 6.6 Library Bill of Rights
Policy 6.7 Record Retention