New Books
Dahlgren, Kaleb Crossroads : my story of tragedy and resilience as a Humboldt BroncoAndrews, Helen Boomers : the men and women who promised freedom and delivered disasterMurakami, Haruki First person singular : storiesFreeman, Aaron. The Argument Hangover: Empowering Couples to Fight Smarter and Overcome Communication Pitfalls.Kirshner, Hannah Water, wood, and wild things : learning craft and cultivation in a Japanese mountain townSiger, Jeffrey A deadly twistFields, Tricia. The DrummersAlmontaser, Threa The Wild Fox of Yemen : PoemsLythcott-Haims, Julie Your turn : how to be an adultRamsey, Drew Eat to beat depression and anxiety : nourish your way to better mental health in six weeksFernández, Nona The twilight zone : a novelZminda, Don Double plays and double crosses : the Black Sox and baseball in 1920Shupe, Joanna. The heiress huntMehmedinović, Semezdin My heart : a novelRuchti, Cynthia Facing the dawnBeaton, E.J. The councillorVivès, Bastien The grande odalisqueWagers, K. B. Out past the starsQuade, Kirstin Valdez The five wounds : a novelVlautin, Willy The night always comes : a novelShephard Gray, Shelley Take the Lead / <br> (LARGE PRINT)Manai, Yamen The ardent swarm : a novelCooper, Helen (Helen Mary) The downstairs neighborRomano-Lax, Andromeda Annie and the wolves
New Audiobooks
Turton, Stuart The devil and the dark water (AUDIOBOOK)Baughman, Sarah R. The wild path (AUDIOBOOK)Bond, Victoria The summoner (AUDIOBOOK)Takaoka, Shannon Everything I thought I knew (AUDIOBOOK)Sparks, Nicholas The return (AUDIOBOOK)Acho, Emmanuel Uncomfortable conversations with a black man (AUDIOBOOK)Rankin, Ian A song for the dark times (AUDIOBOOK)Patterson, James Murder thy neighbor (AUDIOBOOK)Penny, Louise All the devils are here : a novel (AUDIOBOOK)Carroll, Lewis Through the looking glass (AUDIOBOOK)Baldacci, David Daylight (AUDIOBOOK)Clark, Mary Higgins Piece of my heart (AUDIOBOOK)Connelly, Michael The law of innocence (AUDIOBOOK)Grisham, John A time for mercy (AUDIOBOOK)Patterson, James Deadly cross (AUDIOBOOK)Evanovich, Janet Fortune and glory : tantalizing twenty-seven (AUDIOBOOK)French, Tana. The Searcher (CD) (AUDIOBOOK)Padfield, Peter War beneath the sea (AUDIOBOOK)Tate, Tim Hitler's secret army (AUDIOBOOK)Patterson, James Revenge (AUDIOBOOK)Applegate, Katherine The one and only Bob (AUDIOBOOK)Jance, J. A. (Judith A.) Credible threat (AUDIOBOOK)O'Reilly, Bill Killing Crazy Horse (AUDIOBOOK)Gutmann, Amy Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die : bioethics and the transformation of health care in America (AUDIOBOOK)
New Juvenile Books
Moriarty, Jaclyn The stolen prince of CloudburstStroud, Les. Wild Outside: Around the World with Survivorman.Cypess, Leah ThornwoodCraft, Aimaee Treaty words : for as long as the rivers flowYuksel, M. O. In my mosqueLoveless, Gina Puberty is gross but also really awesomeThummler, Brenna DelicatesPilkey, Dav Dog Man : Mothering heightsPetty, Kate Reed The leak : for the love of truthWilliams, Lily If bees disappearedPetro-Roy, Jen Life in the balanceNielsen, Jennifer A. RescueKazuki, Miya Ascendance of a bookworm: I'll do anything to become a librarian. Part 1, If there aren't any books, I'll just have to make some! Volume 3Grehan, Meg Deepest breathAlbus, Kate A place to hang the moonHand, Sarah Papier-mâché : a step-by-step guide to creating more than a dozen adorable projects!Paulsen, Gary Gone to the woods : surviving a lost childhoodJurmain, Suzanne Murder on the Baltimore Express : the plot to keep Abraham Lincoln from becoming president Tiger backpack. Donkey backpack. Donkey colors backpack. Blue tiger backpack.McMann, Lisa Dragon furyFarina, Katy Karen's worst day
New Juvenile Picturebooks
Paul, Baptiste PeaceJames, Jessie Look out, Leonard!Ainoya, Juki. Sato the rabbitRudd, Maggie Sometimes it's hard to be niceKerstein, Lauren H. Home for a whileTheule, Larissa Kafka and the dollBetancourt-Perez, Jessica A thousand white butterfliesRinker, Sherri Duskey It's so quiet : a not-quite-going-to-bed bookAnand, Shelly Laxmi's moochde la Peña, Matt Milo imagines the worldCharles, Tami My day with the panyeNaylor-Ballesteros, Chris Out of nowhereBattersby, Katherine TroubleTrevino, Charles Seaside strollStead, Philip Christian Follow that frog!Griffin, Molly Beth Ten beautiful things Elephant backpack. Frog backpack.Dubuc, Marianne What do you want, little friend?Hare, John Field trip to the ocean deepPulford, Elizabeth Seeking an auroraCamper, Cathy Ten ways to hear snowArnold, Andrew What's the matter, Marlo?Taplin, Sam Play hide and seek with Zebra
New Teen Books
Myers, Walter Dean SlamUrasawa, Naoki Asadora! Volume 1Saft, Allison Down comes the nightBesley, Adrian Billie Eilish, the unofficial biography : from e-girl to iconLe, Loan A phở love storyMangle, Bethany PreppedMcCullough, Joy We are the ashes, we are the fireJackson, Kosoko Yesterday is historyMaas, Sarah J. A court of silver flamesAlbert, Melissa Tales from the HinterlandSalisbury, Melinda Hold back the tideMaas, Sarah J. A court of wings and ruinKazuki, Miya Ascendance of a bookworm : I'll do anything to become a librarian. Part 2, Apprentice Shrine Maiden. Volume 2Miwa, Yoshiyuki The new gate. 1 Ascendance of a bookworm. I'll do anything to become a librarian. Part 1, If there aren't any books, I'll just have to make some! Volume 1Minase, Hazuki Final fantasy. Lost stranger. 5Minase, Hazuki Final fantasy. Lost stranger. 4Shiba, Yusuke I've been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level. 1Shu The misfit of Demon King Academy. 1Akai, Matsuri My status as an assassin obviously exceeds the hero's. 1Thomas, Aiden Lost in the Never WoodsGilbert, Kelly Loy When we were infiniteDashner, James Crank palace : a maze runner novellaPower, Rory Burn our bodies down