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Want to set reading goals or broaden your reading horizons, all while earning fun collectible digital badges? Look no farther!

The Kalkaska County Library has partnered with Beanstack — a fun and user-friendly challenge site designed to make reading more fun for all!
Join Beanstack to participate in challenges, track your reading, earn badges and complete streaks, and log all your favorite books.
Choose from a wide range of worldwide public challenges, or participate in the KCL’s unique seasonal challenges for all ages.

Reading Challenges Powered by Beanstack

Beanstack is available both on the web and via convenient mobile app — use whichever works better for you!
Each account can include multiple readers, so you can easily manage your entire family’s reading goals.
Click the button below to visit our Beanstack page, or scroll down for app installation instructions!

Current Challenges

Ten to Try: Genre Reading Challenge

10 Genres to Try
Log Your Own Titles | Age 5+
We all have our favorite types of books to read. But when we only stick to our favorites, we miss out on a whole world of exciting knowledge! To complete this challenge, read ten books from ten different genres!

Read the Classics: Reading Challenge

Read the Classics
Log from Our List | Ages 13+
Get swept away in the classic tales that helped shape literature as we know it today and discover timeless stories that capture humanity throughout the ages! Log your reading from our Classics list to earn these badges!

Ready to Read!

Ready to Read
Activities for Early Literacy
Hey parents! Do you want to raise strong readers, writers, and communicators?
Then make sure to get started early! Read ten books to your little one (ages 0-6) alongside these fun
activities and lay the groundwork for early language and reading comprehension skills!

Get the Mobile App

Beanstack is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, or the Samsung Galaxy Store! To download the app, scan the QR code at the right, or use this link to download the app to your device.

Once you have downloaded the app, select the option to read through your library, school, or bookstore and click ‘Find a Site.’ Search for the Kalkaska County Library by name, or just search KCL.

Once you’ve found the site, click ‘Register.’ You will have the option to register an individual reader, a family, or a classroom/group. Select the applicable choice!

Once registered, you will be able to select challenges to participate in. Different challenges will be visible depending on participants’ age. Just select the ones you want to do, and get reading!

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Questions about the Beanstack app or our reading challenges?
Contact the library by phone at 231-258-9411 or by email at