The mission of the Kalkaska County Library is to provide users with open access to technology, information, and ideas covering a broad spectrum of human thought and experience, and to foster the understanding and development of cultures, communities, and individuals.

The Library will strive to protect intellectual freedom, promote literacy, and encourage lifelong learning.

The Library will strive to maintain a diverse collection of materials, and provide access to educational, informational, and recreational resources, including materials outside its collection.

Our clear vision, strong values, and the way we execute our mission will make our Library one that our peers will want to emulate. As we seek to fulfill our mission, our efforts and resources will be directed towards making our vision a reality in the following ways:

a. Our Library staff will set the standard for customer service among public libraries. Hallmarks of our staff will be professionalism, teamwork, collaboration, creativity, flexibility in responding to patron needs, and pride in our achievements.
b. Our Board of Library Trustees will enthusiastically advocate for Library services in the community. The Board will be fully devoted to the mission, vision, and values of the Library. Our collections will be progressive and diverse in breadth and form.
c. Our Library’s physical and virtual spaces will respond to the changing needs of our users.
d. Our patrons will be proud of their Library and consider it as the first and best source to meet their informational and recreational needs.