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Join the Kalkaska County Library and Dr. Art Schuhart of Northern Virginia Community College for this recurring reading group discussing important historical documents and literature.

Every other Saturday, starting on Saturday October 8th, we will meet at 10am.

The Kalkaska Library Readers Group is an open forum for reading and discuss little known, but influential, works of American Literature from history. We’ll look at exploration narratives, Puritan poetry, early fiction, Native American accounts, and historical documents like the Declaration of Independence and Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography. At each meeting, we’ll talk about the readings and explore how they relate to modern American life. This forum should be an interesting and enjoyable conversation about ideas and literature from our shared history.

About Dr. Art Schuhart: I grew up in Kalkaska, and after high school I became an English teacher in Washington, DC. After teaching secondary for seven years, I began a doctorate and moved to Northern Virginia Community College, where I have been teaching for the last twenty-two years. I am also a member of the first graduating class of Teach For America. I have a Doctorate in Education, with a specialization in Scientific Rhetoric and Composition. I also teach American Literature, Science Fiction Literature, and Scientific Writing.

Gatherings will be about 90 minutes, and are FREE TO ATTEND, though advance signup is preferred. Contact the library to sign up, or for more information! Be sure to RSVP on Facebook!

Reading selections for discussion dates are as listed below. Contact the library if you would prefer to pick up a physical course-pack with printed editions of the discussion materials!

October 8th:
Christopher Columbus, “Letter to Ferdinand and Isabella.” Read Online.
Excerpt from, “Broken Spears, The Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico.” Read Online.
Johnathan Heckewelder , “History, Manners, and Customs of the Indian Nations.” Read Online.

October 22nd:
Washington Irving, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.” Read Online.
Nathaniel Hawthorne, “Young Goodman Brown.” Read Online.

November 5th:
de Crevecouer, “Letters from an American Farmer: What is an American?” (Pages 1-7 only). Read Online.
John Smith (Pages 42-49). Read Online.

November 19th

William Bradford, “On Plymouth Plantation” (Pages 21-29). Read Online.
Anne Bradstreet, Selected Poems. “Verses Upon the Burning of Our House.” Read Online. “The Author to Her Book.” Read Online. “The Flesh and the Spirit.” Read Online.

December 3rd

Benjamin Franklin, Book I of the “Autobiography.” (Begin reading on pg 3, and go as far as you want, or browse through at your leisure). Read Online.

December 17th

Thomas Paine, “Common Sense: Thoughts on the Present State of American Affairs.” Read Online.
The Declaration of Independence. Read Online.

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