New Library Project

New Library Project

Lessons Learned
New Library Building Project Concept Document 5.6.14
Amended New Library Building Project Concept Document 11.12.14
New Building Project Phase II 3.2.15
Amended New Library Building Project Concept Document Phase II 7.1.15
New Building Project Phase III 7.3.15


Support Documents

2002 Breton Group Needs Assessment Report and Executive Summary

2006 Community Survey, parts I and II, and Synopsis

2010 Capital Campaign Study

2012 New Library Survey

2013 NMCOG Recreational Plan Survey with comments and Summary

2013 Kalkaska County Recreational Planning Questionnaire Report

2013 Draft Kalkaska County Recreational Plan (NMCOG)

Current Parcel Description

Current parcel information and photo


Strategic Planning committee meetings are open to the public and do not have a set schedule, but are decided upon in the previous meeting. Look here for new meeting updates and for minutes of previous meetings.

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  • Tuesday, July 25th, 9:00am

Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Current Year (2017)

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Date Purpose Minutes
June 22, 2017 Strategic Planning Committee Minutes